Odile Leonard
Designer of made to measure and unique wedding dresses.

The full force of my creative passion will ensure you are a most radiant bride.
Graduate of the ecoles de la chambre syndicale de la couture parisienne ( where I currently also teach ), I worked at Emanuel Ungaro, Angelo Tarlazzi Geneviève Sevin Doering, before founding my own atelier.

On that special day
My creation will reflect your inner and outer beauty, will celebrate the unique person that is you.
Each dress is a unique style made to measure and customized according to your vision and your personnality...
If you would like to experience this special adventure, an initial rendez vous will assist in exchanging ideas,getting acquainted in order to give colour to your vision and set a framework for your expectation. We will discuss the fabric type - always silk unless you have a specific other request. I will then spend a few days reflecting on our discussions and working on the concepts before sending you by mail some suggested designs.If you select one of the ideas (or a modification of them), I will transform the concept into a reality after 4 fittings !